Trio for Brass

Described by Fanfare Magazine as "... a major addition to the brass literature," Trio for Brass (2002) was commissioned by the Del Mar Trio. I wanted to write a piece that would be an exciting challenge for the performers (though not impossibly difficult). The piece is cast in three contrasting movements, following the traditional fast-slow-fast scheme. I tried to create variety in the piece through different textures. The outer movements often alternate between sections of homophony, where the instruments all play the same rhythms together, and more complex-sounding contrapuntal textures. Much of the middle movement has a clear bass line, middle voice, and melody, and I wrote it as a necessary release from the more complex outer movements. Most importantly, my intent was to write a piece that would be fun to play as well as to hear.

Trio for Brass has been recorded by Chris Gekker, Gregory Miller, and Matthew Guilford for Albany Records.

I. Allegro deciso (download MP3)



II. Berceuse (download MP3)



III. Vivo (download MP3)



Chris Gekker, trumpet
Gregory Miller, french horn
Matthew Guilford, trombone

* The complete recording can be found on the "BRASS TRIOS" CD from Albany Records.