Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra

For a composer who comes from a performance background, writing a concerto was a particularly appealing project. I love the clear, brilliant sound of the trumpet, and of course it works wonderfully as a solo instrument against the combined forces of the orchestra. I was also well aware of the relative lack of "meaty" concertos for trumpet -- this piece has since been described as a substantial contribution to the repertory and has been performed widely in the United States as well as internationally.

Concerto for Trumpet is available in a piano reduction from Carl Fischer and major music retailers. The orchestral version is available for rental from Theodore Presser, and the orchestral score is viewable from this page.

This piece was originally orchestrated for a classical- size orchestra with double winds and brass, and a piano reduction was later commissioned by Mary L. Thornton as part of her doctoral dissertation project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The piece was also written up in the International Trumpet Guild Journal.

For tips on playing the Bernofsky Concerto, visit all things trumpet; A Trumpet Musician's Resource.

Lauren Bernofsky Bernofsky Trumpet Concerto